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Copy Paste Behavior Change

Question asked by DLarsen on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by DLarsen

I just updated from FM11 to FM13 and I'm seeing a change in the way data behaves when pasted into a field. This difference may have been present in FM12 as well, I just don't know because we skipped FM12.


FYI: This is a Windows only solution and the source of the data is a Word document that contains a table which contains 3 columns and a varying number of rows.


This is how it works: The user manually opens a Word doc, highlights and copies any number of rows to their clipboard. Then they paste the contents of the clipboard into a global field. Later a script parses the text and creates a new record for each row. This worked fine with Filemaker 11 but fails under version 13.


In Filemaker 11 after pasting the text into the global field it looked like this:


Blue Red Green

Left Right Center

High Medium Low


In Filemaker 13 it looks like this:


Blue Red GreenLeft Right CenterHigh Medium Low


The carriage returns are gone. Since CRs are the characteristic that I use to differentiate one record from another the script fails to create the records properly.


Any ideas how to fix this problem?