Searching for work: Business Alliance -worth upgrading for getting more leads?

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by GordonShewach

It is worth upgrading my account to Business Alliance level in order to get more leads?


I'd be keen to hear from developers in Australia (esp Sydney), many years ago when I had FSA membership, I did not receive many leads over the period I had membership, I am wondering how it is nowdays?


My work is drying up quickly and I REALLY need more work ASAP, don't know if it's worth the investment at this point.


Honest opinions?


Any other ideas on how to find work?


I've bid for jobs on oDesk, I have my business listed on and I've been doing lots of pro-active searching on the web and contacting clients. Nothing!