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    Manage phone calls using FileMaker


      Hi all, based om my session at the .fmp[x] conference 2014 in Berlin, I created a blog article which you'll find here: http://bit.ly/phonetofilemaker


      It is a specific yet interesting Use Case, but I believe it shows a lot of the potential to the FileMaker platform once you put some pieces together. Please feel free to post any comments here!

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          Yes, I can see how this coudl be legitimate in ways like a school automatically calling about absent kids and the computer phoning and reading the message letting the parents know their kid has not shown up at school.  Or some cascade notice letting workers know it is a snow day or whatever.  However, I suspect there are many people using Twilio to make those annoying multi-level marketing calls and it almost worries me how easy it is to do because it probably will mean all the more annoying sales calls that I so much dred on my cell phone even though I'm on the USA's Do Not Calll list.  Oh well... technology can always be used beneficially as well as wielded irresponsibly. 


          Anyway, thanks for sharing.  It is interesting to see what is out there.  I actually thought this was about caller ID and incoming calls, but as your blog shows, this is about a computer making calls and reading a message. 

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            Taylor, thanks for your feedback. The blog example is not about computers making outgoing phone calls to prospects or customers, although you are right, that can be done using a platform like Twilio. The example the blog shows is about receiving incoming helpdesk calls and forwarding them internally to coworkers. It helped us here at reducing overhead in our organisation, which is - I think - a good thing.

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              Hmmm, I guess I dont' fully understand the article then.  It seems to talk about Twilio handling XML parsing of the phone calls to a FileMaker database.  I can understand that, but how is Twilio talking to the PBX?  I've actually done a number of these connections with the TROI serial connection and it was rather complicated.  When I go to the Twilio web page, it seems to be where it is one big PBX that then hands out the XML via their API and calls are forwarded to standard phone numbers.  So does this mean you don't need a PBX and Twilio is your PBX and you're using FileMaker to talk via their API? 

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                Taylor, that is correct. Twilio "is" the PBX if you see it that way, and you can use FileMaker to talk to their API. That is: CWP as a "middle man" to talk both to the Twilio API and FileMaker.


                An incoming call can be summarized as follows: incoming phone call -> received by Twilio PBX -> hands over to the callback URL you specify -> CWP connects to FileMaker and instructs Twilio what to do (Forward call, record call, say something, ...) -> ...