FileMaker and IPv6

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jun 13, 2014
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I saw a news article today saying the IPv4 addresses have run out in USA. Granted many of them are owned by ISPs and not yet distributed, but there are officially no available new ones and it is about time to be moving on to IPv6.


So, has anyone out there set up a FileMaker Server, clients, Go, and WebDirect and tried them in a real production setting? I know FileMaker says it is compatible with IPv6, but I was just making sure there are no issues with performance, etc. I know there will be lots of issues with routers that need replaced. And I know lots of programs that use networks won't work on IPv6 (e.g., Skype). But I'm mostly interested in knowing if I get a client and they ask if FileMaker will work on IPv6, I would like to know someone has actually tried it successfully without performance or configuration problems, etc.