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Format dates for multi day events

Question asked by jlisburn on Jun 13, 2014
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  • Quoting a client, giving possible dates to provide service.


  • Using a Repeating Date field for this as we may want 1-5 dates on each quote


  • Some of our Products are multi-day events, they have a stated DurationDays


  • Need to re-display these multi-day events later in the busines process: EG Jun 6-8, Aug 15-17 etc outside of FileMaker, so layout formatting cannot be used. I need to maipulate the data (idealy by calc and not script)

Problem lies in showing events that span months - Jun30-Jul 1, get sdisplay as June 30-31


Seems I'm going to need a very complex calc, or custom function but I can't determine which/how to go about it.