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    Exporting data?


      I am trying to export a layout in list view with all of the emails in my CRM. When I export, I export it to CSV format and try to upload it to E-vite but I keep getting an unspecified error. Does FileMaker handle exporting in a way that doesn't communicate well in email programs or am I missing something?

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          Can you specify where you're getting the error? Is it from FMP or from your email client or from e-vite? The more informatin you can give us the better we are to help you. Thanks!

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            Nick is right, we need more details.


            Filemaker does have specific encoding that may be incompatible, but you are able to select different encoding for your files. You'll need to check with e-vite to see if it has any encoding specifications. Also, it may be worth it to try a different file format.


            AFAIK, the CSV is fairly standard, or at least should be in your case of name/email as your fields.