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    Have an 'ID Ten T' question




      For the life of me, I cannot open port 80 & 443 on Mavericks - stumped.


      Searched solutions but nothing seemed to work.


      Would someone be kind enough to help me pls?


      Many thanks,



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          Actually, it is a real challenge to turn off those ports.  By default, those ports come open since they are the standard web ports for http and https.  What do you mean "open"?  Do you mean have an application listening on those ports such as Apache web service?  If so, you have to setup and configure the service.  It is the same with FileMaker that uses certain ports to send and receive information 


          Are you running a firewall?  Is it software or hardware?  Mac OS X has a software firewall under System Preferences and the Security & Privacy selection.  Just remember your router can also have a firewall and you may need to configure it.  In general, firewalls do not block ports 80 and 443 by default since they are common web used ports. 

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            Thanks Taylor,


            Setting up FM13 Server and testing Web Deployment only to get "Connection Refused".


            Apache is running as I can log in to Server Admin on localhost.


            No other firewall running - have Airport Extreme Base Station


            Greatly appreciate your guidance



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              Are you trying on Mavericks to get FMS 13 working on a machine running OSX Server....

              Good luck with that... BYO Apache works best... If it works at all.


              Just delete the OSX Server software and reinstall on straight Mavericks and your Apache installed by FM should work...


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                Thanks Lyndsay,


                Don't have OSX Server installed but thank you.


                I'll call FM Tech tomorrow to resolve.



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                  Found a resolve for any newbies like me


                  Have OSX 10.10 Yosemite - installed new OSX Server 4.0 Beta - started webserver through server control panel which opened up Ports 80 & 443


                  Created folder 'fmi-test' inside Library > Server > Web > Data > Sites > Default


                  Copied test.xml over to the fmi-test folder


                  Went to FMServer Admin Console login page to 'Edit Deployment' and went through the web publishing wizard - all successful


                  Thank you everyone for the help which now allows me to move forward with my FileMaker solutions and testing