FM Go - open local file in Safari

Discussion created by datastride on Jun 14, 2014
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I am using FM Go to create an html file on an iPad. I put the html in a global text field, and then write the field to FM Go’s local directory (using Export Field Contents and a file extension of “html”).


I can create the html file within FM Go’s “files on this device” and open it by checking “Automatically open file”, but the file doesn’t open in Safari. Instead it opens in a full-screen “browser” window inside FileMaker Go. Same thing happens if I navigate to FM Go’s “files on this device” and select the file from the list.


I would like to open the file in Safari, rather than FM Go’s browser window, as the file contains JavaScript that does not execute in FM Go’s built-in browser view.


I’ve tried using the “Open URL” script step in place of checking “Automatically open file”, but I cannot seem to construct a URL that will work. I only get a message saying “Failed to open My_File.html” . I’ve tried "file://My_File.html", "file://~/My_File.html", "file://%7E/My_File.html", and several other variations, but with the same resulting error message. Clearly I do not know how to format the URL so that it can be opened via the “Open URL” script step. I’ve searched and searched for a solution, but have yet to find an answer online.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated …



P.S. I appologize for my first posting of this question that resulted in the hijacking of another thread.