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What is "FileMakery"

Question asked by mrwatson-gbs on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by LyndsayHowarth

Hi FileMaker-lovers- especially you old ones, who have got FileMaker under your skin and in your bones -


I have recently had some communication with some FileMaker technicians, where I was arguing that theme management* is not "FileMakery" enough.


I was then asked, what I mean by "FileMakery"?


It is a very good question, and perhaps one we should all review again, so that we don't lose sight of what FileMaker IS!


What are the unique aspects of FileMaker that makes FileMaker FileMaker?


For me, it's:


  • the reuse of simple concepts:
    • "everything is a list"
      • data is a list of records
      • a database is a list of tables
      • a table is a list of fields
      • it's just a list of scripts really (souped up to make folders possible)
      • ditto layouts
      • a script is a list of script steps
      • relationships are just a list ( ... er ok, at least in fm6, and lost somewhere in the relationship diagram too ;-)
      • the four modes are a list
      • a value list is a list of values
      • etc...
    • One layout, four modes
    • ...
  • the easiness/obviousness/consistrency of the interface:
    • Layouts
    • Relationship graph
    • What the user has to do = what a script has to do (Note: Scripting originally exactly mimicked the user, although these days, this idea has been extended with a whole lot more programming stuff)
    • ...
  • clever and simple solutions to tricky problems
    • Multiline keys - for easy connection of tables
    • Custom functions - simple but powerful
    • Custom Menus - so easy to
    • ...



...and you?