Popovers over Webviewer

Discussion created by DavidZakary on Jun 16, 2014
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Having trouble with a popover that displays over a webviwer. I know that popovers don't display over certain types of content.


The popover panel, not the button, has an OnObjectEnter trigger that sets a global variable to hide the webviewer. I refresh the viewer object and it vanishes as expected. However, the popover panel is still not displaying properly, it still looks like its behind the viewer. The popover has been "brought forward". Oddly, every once in a while it does display properly.


The popover panel also has an OnObjectExit trigger that resets the global variable, refresh the WV object and it appears again.


If I change the position of the popover panel, it will partially display, still clipped by the bounding box of the web viewer.


Any thoughts?