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    Cisco 1900 router forward openvpn issue


      I have some issue attempting to forward udp port 1194 , this is my Cisco 1900 detail:

      int fa0/0 _WAN_IP

      ip nat outside



      int fa0/10 _LAN_IP_

      ip nat inside



      ip nat inside source list 100 interface fa 0/0 overload



      access-list 100 permit ip any



      ip nat inside source static udp 1194 _WAN_IP 1194

      ip nat inside source static tcp 25 _WAN_IP 25



      When the tcp is working, but udp 1194 seems error that Firewall on VPN_server is down and openvpn is up. Why does this happen ? I didn't understand what exactly I have to setup ?