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Anyone seen Export misbehaviour on Windows 7?

Question asked by Daniel Farnan on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by Daniel Farnan

Hi, all.


I have a reported issue with exports on Windows 7, FMP v12. The user runs a script that isolates a set of records, sorts them and then exports 9 fields for each record, Windows ANSI format. The Export script step specifies "No dialog" and the export order, but does not specify a filename/path for the output file, meaning that when the script hits that step the user is prompted for an output location and a file type. The output location is being specified as part of the user's home folder, located on a remote drive mounted as <volumename><groupname> (H:)


The reported issue is that the first attempt to export fails but subsequent attempts (usually) succeed. From the testing I have conducted, the failure occurs as described and _all_ subsequent attempts succeed - including (strangely) exiting the FileMaker application and relaunching the hosted solution. The failure of the export is the "<filename> could not be created on this disk" error.


I am not a Windows expert but my intuition is telling me that the OS is tripping up the process. Given that the remote drive mounts at user logon (and I'm not yet in a position to test across multiple user logins) it might be that the first export attempt is trying to finalise something in the delicate dance that happens when a remote volume is accessed. Once that is done, all good (although not for all users, which is puzzling).


Has anyone else encountered this behaviour? Any thoughts about the underlying issue?