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    CSV Error


      I am working on two reports, both of which should be desktop and iPad compatible. On the desktop it works fine but whenever I run it on the iPad I get an error that says and I quote:



      This report could not be created. Use a different name or make more room on this device.


      I've temporarily fixed the issue by exporting it as a PDF, which presents the data in a similar format. Unfortunately the client does not like this and wants to have working CSV files on the iPad and desktop. The iPad I am using is a 64GB and has plenty of room to spare. Any ideas?

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          What is the file path and name you are trying to use?

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            I first find out what type of computer the user is using, Mac or Windows, and then I export it to their desktop using the export records command with the comma seperated text file type. As for the file name it's simple plain text, no numbers or any other objects. For example one is called Contact List.

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              There is no desktop on iOS though. So you can’t use get(desktoppath) as you would on a desktop.


              for iOS you need to either use get(documentspath) or get(temporarypath).

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                While running get(documentspath) or get(temporarypath) I got a new error that says it failed to open the file. There is an option to open it in safari but when I tapped it it just took me back to the main reports layout.

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                  I am assuming that you open the file in excel on the desktop. You need a program that is able to read CSV files on the iPad as well. I’m not sure about safari’s compatibility, it’s most likely a default for a format that iOS doesn’t know how to handle.


                  Can you try other formats, like XLSX instead?


                  What’s the point of exporting data to a CSV just to only view it on the iPad anyways? If you can just view the same exact data in a filemaker table or list view? It only makes sense to export if you want to send it somewhere.

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                    Rather than export, from the iPad, have you tried sending the file as an email attachment? Then you wouldn't have the issue of the iPad trying to open it.


                    One other note about .csv files and FileMaker: When FileMaker exports a .csv file, it does not include (or give you the option to include) a header row. However, if you export it as a "Merge" .mer file, the format is the same as .csv, but with a header row. If I need a .csv file out of FileMaker, I export it as a .mer file and manually change the extension to .csv after the fact. Of course, you probably won't be able to do that on the iPad, but the recipient could do that once they receive the file.