FMP12 vs FMP13 Field Size Changes

Discussion created by mark_b on Jun 17, 2014
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Hi All,


I am converting an old multi file version from FMP12 (originally in FMP5 or 6) to a single file version FMP13 (Windows 7). I am trying to keep the same layout formatting but I'm running into a difference between FMP12 and FMP13. It seems that FMP13 requires more space to display a field (height of 24). In the enclosed example, I have a text field that is 17 pt in height (1st figure). It displays fine in FMP12 (2nd Figure) but is cut off in FMP13 (3rd Figure). As far as I know, all inspector settings are the same. Am I not doing something in FMP13 to make the field fit?


Cheers, Mark


2014-06-17_13-05-39.png Same size for both


2014-06-17_13-04-23.png FMP13