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    Initial Connection from browser to WebDirect


      Testing of a WebDirect interface by a browser on a LAN goes really well. But when I try to connect from a computer that is not on the LAN it takes ages for the initial connection to be made. Safari on OSX Mavericks shows the little rotating spikes for some minutes and eventually the database shows up.


      Subsequent connections from the same browser on the same Mac take a modest number of seconds to make connection.


      Why is the initial connection so slow in happening? It is so slow that I would have to give users counselling in patience or they would just give up!



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          Some extra info:- Without going back to the server I tried connection from the same office using FM Go on an iPad, and connection was made via the Internet with no measureable time delay. It is only WebDirect that takes a long time to make connection.

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            And yet some more info:- By using HTTP instead of HTTPS the WebDirect connection was made in about 25 seconds (Safari 7.0.4 on Mavericks) and 45 seconds (Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7). That is acceptable. So now I go back to the server and gateway to check on the SSL settings.

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              Have you been able to find a solution? No one seems to have responded on your thread but I have a similar issue. Once I get past the certificate problem, I have a time/speed issue. Any feedback you found would be great.

              Thank you

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                FileMaker loads a ~5-6mb package of javascript files whenever you first connect to webdirect. What are your internet connection speeds? Upload speed of the server, download speed of the user. I'd assume the connection somewhere is your bottleneck.

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                  I have not found a totally satisfactory solution. My user who connected from home via Telstra Bigpond broadband has learned to be patient when first making connection after starting her browser. A new Telstra business broadband connection at my server end made a little improvement (it was already ADSL 2 anyway). Two users who have iPads and for whom having the database open beside their desktop computers are no longer bothered by WebDirect slowness. Streamlining the opening script for the database to avoid doing too much too early helps. Eventually I will probably move my databases to a commercial hosting service that has fibre optic connection to the Internet.

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                    I realised that WebDirect needs to initially download a lot of Ajax, etc. code - I didn't realise it was 5 or 6 MB! Perhaps the FileMaker development team will revise the code to be downloaded to a browser so that it is downloaded in smaller chunks, some of which are delayed until specific facilities are needed?? They did a magnificent job producing a user experience in a browser that is rather like user experience in FileMaker, so optimising it for just-in-time downloading may come later??

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                      Thank you both. I upgraded to fibre at my office a short while ago and will check various offsite connection speeds and timing. I will also work on sliming down the initial load.

                      How did you get past the certificate? I am launching a new website for my business and have looked into https or ssl hosting servers. Would this solve the issue?

                      Thanks again

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                        If you load the web direct landing page it’s loaded along with that page. Given the scope of what WD does in the browser, 5-6mb is not unheard of. The long poling stuff alone probably accounts for a good chunk of that. It’s also loading the base themes and such for VAADIN as well. It’s a one time expense so from a web development perspective it’s a negligible cost of doing business.

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                          As a point of reference, I'm connecting to a remote server hosted with a 20-up connection, and it takes, at most, 5 seconds for Safari. I'm using a wireless connection from the home office -- it's not optimal but good.


                          But, when I ran the microwave oven (always causes connection problems, even for simple web pages) it took almost 30 seconds to ask for a password. It is possible that the client location (or the one you're using as a client) is on shaky wi-fi?

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                            This is good information to know.  I was looking at putting a solution in place for use via WD except the users would primarily being in remote locations accessing via satellite connections.


                            So, after the initial download, would speeds pick up again?


                            Looking for an alternative to the current setup whereby the users have to connect to a terminal server to do their work.

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                              After the initial download, speed is much better, although I find that a WebDirect connection is slower than a FileMaker Go connection. WebDirect has to do all its sending and receiving by HTTP/1 whereas FileMaker can do their own thing on port 5003 for FileMaker Go and so can optimise data transfer for FileMaker database operations. Perhaps speed will improve when HTTP/2 is introduced; some say this is just weeks away (see HTTP/2 finished, coming to browsers within weeks | Ars Technica) but that may be too optimistic.

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                                I am seeing the same thing - especially slow with scripts that run on first window load. I always use https with signed certs. Sometimes you don't need the benefits of webdirect so I wish you had the option in FMS 13 to use either WebDirect or IWP since IWP did not have the same lag time. Please tell me if I am missing something..


                                This is my first post here; looking forward to participating.

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                                  WebDirect is not IWP, it’s a completely different product with entirely different features, the only two things similar is that it’s tied to filemaker, and it’s served via a web browser. That’s where the similiarities end.


                                  Since the server is doing all of the work, it’s also much different than filemaker go.


                                  There have been plenty of threads discussing how to optimize your solutions to perform better in WebDirect.