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Discussion created by manjit on Jun 18, 2014
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Hi all,


In Filemaker 13 the RUNTIME ERRORS are occuring more and more why? Do anybody have any idea to solve it. I have observed theat when I did any chnages to a layout and came to BROWSE mode when the layout not able to load its simply showing "Runtime Error" and when I click on that error dialogbox the application get crashed. When I open that file again its open with out any error but when I navigate to that particular layout where I had faced the Runtime Error the Filemaker again shows the same error and get crashed. Then I take a new file from last backup and then remember what changes I have done on the layout and not to do that again. But I am loosing all my recent modifications .


The issue is showing like the screenshot attached.


**This issues have been seen whenever there are over lapping of few objects or miss alignments of objects (mostly Popovers, Slide Controls). The crashing of files are mostly seen when its fails to load contains of a Popover or Slide controls.



Please any suggestions to handle this.




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