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upgrading fmp12 solution version on FMS, can't upload from FMP, if put directly in Database Folder, when opened is in read only mode

Question asked by carlo.m on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by carlo.m

I running Mavericks on a mac mini.


I tried to upload the file from my laptop where the new file was, and it said connection denied. So I copied the file to the server, tried to do it from there, connection denied.


So then I put the file directly into the database file, opened it and it is read only, scripts can't be editted and records can't be written.


I tried every combination I could think of to get it to work:

-put file in folder when database server is offline

-put file in folder when database server is online

-both of the above with a server restart after

-also tried shutdown instead of restart...


No luck at all... I'm in a huge bind, the system has been down for three hours now...