Clients Spontaneously Disconnecting from FMS 12

Discussion created by LenLevin on Jun 18, 2014
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I have a client with FMSA running on a new MacPro, 10.9.3. The server is hosting a 46 data file, 25Gb EMR system. There are 25 systems connected to the server from time to time. Over the past few months, for no particular reason clients are spontaneously disconnecting from the server. The clients are all Macs running FMP 12v5. Most are running 10.8.5 and a couple of newer iMacs are running 10.9.3. The client systems are all set with static IP addressed, power settings are turned off with the exception of display sleep. On the 10.9.3 systems. App Nap for FMP is disabled. The disconnects happen at anytime, there is no particular pattern to when it happens. It happens while the the EMR is being used.


Has anyone seen this behavior? Suggestions, experiences, solutions would be greatly appreciated.






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