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    Inserting Pages V5.2 document into Container




      My apologies if this is posted in the wrong discussion. (beware of newbie!)

      I looked around but couldn't see a discussion specifically for containers.


      I am trying to insert an Apple Pages document into a container field in a fairly simple application: a document related to a project.

      The document is fairly simple with some text and a wee table. When I try to insert it into the container field I get the message "File cannot be inserted becuase it contains other files inside it"


      I tried modifying the format of the container to both types (Images and Interactive content) but the field won't accept the document either way


      Can anyone shed any light on this?

      Thanks for your help. I appreciate it



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          a .pages file is, in essence, a folder containing multiple files. Which is why on windows you can right click it and unzip it (most of the time there is an embedded PDF preview that allows you to preview the document without having pages installed).


          Unfortunately, that seems to play with FileMaker's container storage ability. IE you can't drop a folder into a container field either. You'll probably need to export from pages as .docx or .pdf to be able to store in FileMaker, or zip the file first.


          Alternatively, you might be able to store the path to the document on a shared drive in a text field, then have a button to launch that path using the open URL script step.

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