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    13 Certification


      I've been brushing up on and getting ready for taking the FileMaker 13 certification and mostly just going through the FileMaker training series. I have the 12 certification under my belt, but remember it was harder than I thought (actually was surprised when found out that I passed it). Not wanting to be as unprepared on the 13 certification, is there any general feelings from those of you on the 13 test and is it closely tied with the Training Series as the main thing to study? The Training series is quite a bit different this time. I don't want specific questions or anything, just some input from those of you who have taken it as to what to focus my study on. My goal is to get this taken care of before Devcon so I can have the 13 label on my name tag <grin>.

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          We got everyone here at the office certified in 13 already.  The prep list is still the same as it was for 12:


          - the new FTS --> primary source

          - FMP 13 help file (go over script steps and functions)

          - FMS 13 help file

          - FM Knowledge Base (search for new and updated articles since the launch of FM13)


          New resources:

          - FM Go development white paper

          - WebDirect development white paper

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            +1 for what Wim has said. The new FTS is really a must-read for the certification in my opinion. It really helped me. Once done that, reading up on the other areas Wim suggests will ensure you have an easy time.

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              Thanks Wim.  I'll finish making my way through FTS and then check out these other suggestions you have.  Always fun trying to find time to do this while rushing around on client's emergency projects - haha. 

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                It's rather surprising how many typos and errors there are in it. Did anyone proofread it? ie 18.3 pg 295

                • Left ( FirstName ; 1 ) & " " & Filter ( LastName ;

                  "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" ) to produce the employee’s account name




                Very distracting. I keep expecting the next one to be the last one but they just go on and on and I'm only on page 300.



                But thanks, Wim for the advice.