Help with setting fields from multiple records

Discussion created by user22862 on Jun 18, 2014
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• 4 different PDF's that share some but not all the same field names.


• When importing a PDF using PDF manipulator, it saves a record for each field found on the PDF itself. Each record contains the field name, and its value.


• I have another table that I'm using called "FORMS", which contains all the possible fields on the 4 PDF forms.





• After importing the PDF I want to populate the matching field names in "FORMS" with the values from teh PDF fields. ( there is much more complexity to the actual record creation and error trapping for duplicate past PDF imports, but that isn't what is tripping me up. )





• I've done this succesfully setting a bunch of variables, and then set fields, with those variables. ( This works, but becomes much more time consuming and almost impractical for additional forms. )





• I was next going to try the CF from Rob Poelking ( found on Brian Dunning ) that allows the creation of dynamic variables, however I can't help but think there is a better way!?