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    Help with setting fields from multiple records


      WHAT I HAVE:


      • 4 different PDF's that share some but not all the same field names.


      • When importing a PDF using PDF manipulator, it saves a record for each field found on the PDF itself. Each record contains the field name, and its value.


      • I have another table that I'm using called "FORMS", which contains all the possible fields on the 4 PDF forms.





      • After importing the PDF I want to populate the matching field names in "FORMS" with the values from teh PDF fields. ( there is much more complexity to the actual record creation and error trapping for duplicate past PDF imports, but that isn't what is tripping me up. )





      • I've done this succesfully setting a bunch of variables, and then set fields, with those variables. ( This works, but becomes much more time consuming and almost impractical for additional forms. )





      • I was next going to try the CF from Rob Poelking ( found on Brian Dunning ) that allows the creation of dynamic variables, however I can't help but think there is a better way!?

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          Unless I'm mistaken, you could simply do an Import into the Forms table.

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            That is definately a way, but would give me several records per PDF.


            I should have clarified the FORMS table. My appologies, and thank you very much for the input!





            • FORMS table has a large number of fields, any field that we may encounter on any of the 4 PDF's we will be importing.





            • Each PDF is imported by calling a script that creates a record in a table FORM FIELDS, for each field found on a PDF
            • Each record contains 2 fields that I wish to extract
              • The field name
              • The field Value
            • The single record in the FORMS table, will be used for each of the 50 - 70 records in the FORM FIELDS table.
            • The FORM FIELDS records are then deleted from the database





            • This reduces the number of records by 70x's +
            • Allows easier viewing options for me inside the database
            • My lack of experience in filemaker caused me to use the PDF manipulator inside my database, because I wasn't succesful writing my own scripts to work correctly with thier plugin. So I simply call to thier ( Productive Computing ) throughout my own.



            Thank you for any all all input. I am passionate about what I am learning and building here!

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              OK, I thought you wanted to keep the field records. Normally people look for ways to turn field values into records, not vice versa …

              Kevon Binder wrote:


              • This reduces the number of records by 70x's +
              • Allows easier viewing options for me inside the database


              But it increases the complexity in dealing with the different fields … and using filtered relationships / portals allows you to arrange related records in almost any order or positioning.


              Anyway, you could loop through the records in Form Fields, setting two variable lists; one with the field names, the other one with the values; the go to Forms, create a new record and use


              Set Field by Name [ GetValue ( $fieldNames ; $iterator ) ; GetValue ( $fieldValues ; $iterator ) ]


              This allows you to do away with having to create variables dynamically, but you need to 'escape' values that have CRs themselves, or your lists will be incorrect. I use three quick'n'dirty CFs that help me to preserve CRs while collecting and processing values:


              Delim = "§§§" // just the string


              ValueToArrayLine = Substitute ( theValue ; ¶ ; Delim )

              ArrayLineToValue = Substitute ( theValue ; Delim ; ¶ )


              So assuming that the field names from the Form Fields records match the field names in the Forms table …


              Go To Layout [ FormFields ( FormFields ) ]

              # find the correct records, then …


                Set Variable [ $fieldNames ; List ( $fieldNames ; FormField::fieldName ) ]

                Set Variable [ $fieldValues ; List ( $fieldValues ; ValueToArrayLine ( FormField::fieldValue ) ) ]

                Go To Record/Request [ next ; exit after last ]

              End Loop

              Go To Layout [ Forms ( Forms ) ]

              Set Variable [ $TOname ; Get ( LayoutTableName ) & "::" ]

              New Record/Request


                Exit Loop If [ Let $i = $i + 1 ; $i > ValueCount ( $fieldNames ) ]

                Set Field by Name [ $TOname & GetValue ( $fieldNames ; $i ) ; ArrayLineToValue ( GetValue ( $fieldValues ; $i ) ) ]

              End Loop


              Until the day that FMI will deign to give us real arrays, in addition to our beloved lists …

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                Thank you VERY much for your time!


                And the three functions!!



                The list function is something that I have not yet learned to utilize well, and I see I need to dive in!