How do I create a container field that will allow me to insert various files?

Discussion created by amnegron on Jun 18, 2014

Dear Community,


I started my first database today and am struggling with a few things. One thing that I simply can not find the answer for in any previously created forum entry or online FMP info site, is how to create a container field that will allow me to insert documents into them as I create a new entry in this database. I have provided a screenshot of my first attempt at a database here.


I am creating an inventory type database for the artstudio I work for. In the upper left-hand corner I would like to upload or drag and drop images of the artwork. It is also a sliding control field, so the user can see several versions of that specific artwork along with install shots.


On the right-hand side I have a tabbed container field. My intentions are to have different functions for each tab. For example, the "Installation Instructions" tab would have a list of PDFs and work documents that the user can click on to view. I would also like to add a tab for Quicktime files of the work in action.


If this has already been asked, please point me to the discussion.


Thank you very much!


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