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    FMP 13 admin console doesn't show list of Activities and Schedules



      I'm using FMPS 13 and I administrate it by using the admin console.

      Everything worked fine until a few days ago. Normally when selecting "Activity" on the left side, you get a list of all the filemaker files that can be hosted. Also, when selecting "Schedules", you get a list of all the schedules that were created. Allthough ererything seems to work fine, the databases are hosted and the schedules run perfectly, I don't see anything in the list. When selecting "Activity" or "Schedules" I can see the list for a split second, and then it disappears. I tried restarting etc..., but nothing seems to help.

      Does anybody knows this problem and more important... What is the solution (included you find the concerning screens.


      Thank you in advance,