How to implement existing SSL certificate in FMS 13 environment

Discussion created by olafseifert on Jun 19, 2014
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This is how I implemented an existing Thawte SSL 123 Domain Validation certificate into our FileMaker Server 13 environment:


  1. Determine if the certificate "nameOfCertificate.cer" and the private key "nameOfPrivateKey.key" are in PEM-format. When you are able to open them in TextEdit and they start with „—— BEGIN …“, they are in PEM-format. Otherwise they have to be converted in Terminal with the openssl command.
  2. Duplicate the private key file "nameOfPrivateKey.key" .
  3. Rename the duplicate of the private key file to „serverKey.pem
  4. Move „serverKey.pem“ to /Library/FileMaker Server/CStore
  5. In Terminal run the command
    fmsadmin certificate import /Path/To/Certificate/nameOfCertificate.cer
    At /Library/FileMaker Server/CStore a file „serverCustom.pem“ is generated - this is the FMS 13’s new certificate file
  6. Check owner/group/permissions of new files in /Library/FileMaker Server/CStore, inherit as appropriate from enclosing folder …/CStore.
  7. Restart the machine
  8. Start the FMS 13 Deployment assistant (Just to be sure, all the config files will be updated correctly)



About point 6:

When I first restarted the machine without correcting the permissions (all have to be in ownership of user fmserver), FMS 13 did not come up. In Console I got an error in syslog:

localhost com.apple.launchd[1] (com.filemaker.fms[66]): getpwnam("fmserver") failed


You may start FMS 13 manually using this Terminal command:

sudo launchctl start com.filemaker.fms


After correcting the privileges and another reboot of the computer, FMS 13 came up again.


Maybe this summary can be helpful for someone.



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