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    PDF Not Displaying in FM 13 Container Field


      Hello Experts!

      Here's the scenario. I am on a Mac OS 10.8.5 with FM 13.03 and Adobe Reader v11.0.7.

      I have a test database with two container fields. One is defined to store internally (NOT by reference), and one is defined to store externally.

      Both are placed on a layout. Both are formatted for Interactive Content. Start playback automatically is NOT checked.

      For either field, when I click in the field and choose "Insert PDF" from the INSERT menu I get a black container field. I am unable to view the PDF. The test PDFs are small in size.

      I have tried setting Adobe Reader as the default program to open PDFs and also Preview as the default program to open PDFs. It makes no difference in the results I get with viewing the PDFs in Filemaker in the container fields.

      Moving the test database to a Windows 7 machine, the PDF fields operate correctly.

      Searching the Knowledge Base I found a reference to PDF files not displaying correctly on a Mac with Adobe reader 7 and the suggested remedy was to update the Adobe Reader program. I'm using the latest Adobe Reader v11.

      Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have a suggestion? All replies welcome!

      Best wishes,

      Richard Burton