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Properly Navigate to Child Record

Question asked by rmittelman on Jun 20, 2014
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I have a database for billing time on contract. Like a timesheet entry program. This is based on the Time Billing starter solution.


First table is called Agencies:

Agency ID (incrementing)





Next table is Clients:

Client ID (incrementing)

Agency ID




Next table is Timesheets:

Client ID

Timesheet ID (incrementing)


Status ("Billed" or "Unbilled")



They have relationships as expected:

Agencies --> Clients

Clients --> Timesheets


There are 2 TO's, Billed Timesheets and Unbilled Timesheets, with filtering on Client ID and Status


Main form is based on Agencies, with a portal to Clients table.

There are also portals to Billed Timesheets and Unbilled Timesheets TO's based on above relationships.


When I bring up an Agency record, the Clients portal properly refreshes and shows me the related clients.

When I click on a Client in that portal, what I want to happen is the Billed and Unbilled timesheets portals refresh properly and show those timesheets. This is not happening.


So I put a trigger in the Clients portal for "on object enter" which is supposed to trigger whenever a new portal row is clicked. This runs a script to refresh the 2 portals to the Timesheets TO's, but it doesn't actually help.


I *think* this isn't working because the proper Clients record isn't becoming the active record in Clients, and therefore the relationships to the Timesheet tables is not properly updating.

Is there any idea from this description why the lower-level Timesheets portals are not updating when I click on a portal row in the Clients portal?
Thanks in advance...