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Writing FM Data to existing PDF Files

Question asked by MartinCrosman on Jun 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by MartinCrosman

I recall this being discussed here but after 45 minutes of looking for the thread I am asking the questions again.


Environment - FileMaker Pro 13, FileMaker Server 13, Windows 7, Acrobat Pro


The database has a few fields including a container field in which a PDF file is stored. The PDFs are stored externally using Open storage option.


I would like to write data in a few of the fields to the PDF. For example "stamp" the PDF to indicate it is completed and the date completed. I'd like the text to be written to the PDF file but would settle for it being printed on the PDF when it is printed or the field's contents exported.


This would be on an adhoc basis or could be part of the loop applied to a found set.


The text would be printed to the first page of the pdf. Some PDFs are single pages some a couple of hundred pages.


I have looked at Scribe and PDF Manipulator but they appear to require a form field/placeholder already in the document. That is not possible in this situation.


I have looked at some neat VB to Word integration (thanks Wim) and this kind of think to PDF would be fantastic.


I beleive the earlier thread was started by Lee Snover but I just can't find it. I beleive it also pointed to another plug in that might support this.


Thanks in advance for any comments or advice.