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Styles using same Theme fail to update across layouts in FileMaker Pro 13

Question asked by itraining on Jun 23, 2014
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Hi everyone


Finally got a chance to build a brand new database using FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 13. Particularly looking forward to the use of a single Theme with multiple Styles that can be easily updated across multiple layouts in the database. Unfortunately something has gone pear-shaped and my styles fo not updated as expected.


The database has 77 layouts using the Enlightened theme (custom version of theme). The same theme and styles are used on each layout but part and text objects display differing (mis-match) formatting across the separate layouts. There appears to be additional confusion about the formatting of the style in the theme as some objects display the correct formatting on the layout, matching the theme. but the red arrow indicator requests saving the change to the Style. The opposite happens where an object displays formatting that does not match the style in the theme yet the red arrow indicator to save changes to the style is not active.


My confusion is difficult to explain coherently in type. Please view the YouTube video below which demonstrates the inconsistent behaviour of the styles in my custom Enlightened theme.


Questions I would like answered:

(1) am I using Themes and Styles correctly or have I mis-understood how to use this new feature?

(2) how can I get the formatting of part/text objects, using the same Theme/Style, to update across different layouts?




Thanks in advance.

Bye for now.




Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)