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    Print Quality Question - Table View


      Is there any trick anyone know of improving the quality of windows print outs? The default gridlines in table view are horribly thick compared to excel on the same printer and even worse when they are any shade of grey except black. Does anyone have a work around?

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          Hi John,


          I typically don't print to much out of table view.  The things that come to mind are to use a light grey (which you've already indicated doesn't seem to be any better), or to create a special print layout that uses list view and gives you more control over line formatting. 


          List view is not automatically like table view and it will require some adjustment to get it to look like the grid you are wanting. Also be forewarned that the changes you make to the table view layout would (like column size adjusting or positioning) would not be automatically reflected on the list view layout.


          Good luck,