fmgo as part of a larger solution.

Discussion created by malachydevlin on Jun 23, 2014
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I have an c# web application thats fairly mature and works well.

I currently need to create a mobile app for a client to access small parts of this application, the big point here is that it has to be "offline".

The client needs to download information to a local storage and then push updates later (when they have a 3g/wifi signal).

Now ive toyed around with building an app with phonegap and using html5 local storage etc however quite frankly its a total nightmare..

I am thinking of using FMgo to accomplish this.

The web application uses MS Sql server so I know I could use FM server and host a file that connects to that database.

I could then have an offline local Ipad file that connects to the FM server when it has a connection.

Of course there will be a lot of scripting here but still seems easier than phonegap.

Also to deploy phonegap on iOS takes a lot of hoop jumping.


Heres my query:

Ill admit id prefer to take FM server out of the equation and id be happy to buy FM advanced to do the app development.


I can expose the data on my webs server in many ways and I see I could use FM go to import the records via xml. this woudl solve the problem of getting the data to the Ipad.


Getting it back to the server is where im stuck.

The only way I can see is to export records to a text file, this could be emailed and then parsed at the other end but ummm its an ugly solution.


Is this entire approach sensible and in particular has anyone some better ideas on getting the ipad FMgo data back to my web server.