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Permanent storage of image for container

Question asked by tjarvis on Jun 24, 2014
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I am working on a database (FM-13) that was created by another developer and has since moved on. All we had when he left were Admin rights, no Developer password was turned over or passdown was done.


He had a container that was filled by by an image and then printed after results of a "Find". Example: Signature on completion certificates. I have made it work on a test copy of the database but when I maked the change in the master database the new image does not stay permanently store in global container field, Is deleted when FM is closed. I made sure the "Manage Container" was set to permanent. Unchanged signature containers function as created. If I put the old one bad it works


Is this because on the master database I only have admin rights or is the global signature field missing something?


Tom J.