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How can I tell CWP PHP server to try looking for files again?

Question asked by robertwoods on Jun 24, 2014



I have a working PHP Filemaker Web Publishing solution which allows our customers to see what we have in stock across our seven stores. The stores are connected via VPN over ADSL broadband as they are geographically dispersed.


The VPN's sometimes go down, and the normal Filemaker client will lose connection and require the client to be quit and restarted.


However, the Filemaker CWP PHP solution seems to be better at this, and will try to reconnect usually to the files once the VPN's are up again.


Sometimes though, they don't reconnect.


I get the PHP error 'Communication Error: (7) couldn't connect to host' from the databases that were missing, but are now visible.


I've checked they are visible to the server by opening the Filemaker client on that machine and opening the remote files.


So my question is, how do I get the CWP server to 'have another look' for those files, which are now visible?


I presume rebooting the Mac OS X server would sort it, but that is tricky as it's in constant use for 15 hours a day, plus I would like it not to keep failing on these files.


PS, tried stopping and starting the Web Publishing engine, didn't help.


Any ideas?