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    FMS 13.0v2 WebDirect URL parameter alternatives?


      We have a FileMaker-based document management system (DMS). Our intranet web site has different subject-centric pages which included links to our DMS. A link for a document (i.e. an inspection form) would use the URL parameter to open the DMS, find the document, export the document (and open it), close the DMS. The users loved this way of getting quick access to needed up-to-date controlled docs.


      With FMS 13.0v2 and the removal of URL parms, I can no longer provide HTML links to specific documents.


      I have no need for authentication, so the security aspect of this change does not matter to me. I just want to pass a simple URL parameter (the document number) so that the trigger script "on first window open" knows which document to find and open.


      Does anyone know of any other options to accomplish this?



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          SuperContainer from 360Works

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            Custom Web Publishing with PHP ...

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              Thanks for the suggestion, but plugins are not an option for me right now.


              But I'm curious.  How would using SuperContainer let me have an HTML link open a database and pass information (in this case the document number) so the database can export the right document?

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                Mike Duncan

                Supercontainer on it's own doesn't require a plugin, but works through a web viewer. It is basically a standalone web app that you can easily integrate with a filemaker solution by doing just what you say...pass it a identifier in the url.


                Of course, you could roll your own. I have in the past, as Morgan suggests, and integrated with amazon aws account using S3 buckets, including authentication so it's secure, to provide cloud storage for files, and link to them with my FM database... so there are options.



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                  Hi Mike,


                  This is on your intranet, so you know the users and have some control over "training" them to work the way you want.  Although you don't need usernames and password if you were to start using them, then you could alter the process to something like:


                  1. Create a users table
                  2. Store the id(s) for the documents in a field in the users's table (or a join table if that made more sense)
                  3. Require users to login
                  4. Alter your start up script to find the correct user and check the documents field
                  5. If there are values in that field, display those documents


                  If they only have one document assigned, then it should behave very similar to what you did previously (except for the extra step of logging in).


                  If they have multiple documents assigned, you now have the better experience of sending one email and presenting the documents in a list with the ability to select the one they want/need right now.


                  This may not meet your requirements, but it is food for thought :-)



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                    Thanks, Mike.


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                      Hi, Chad:


                      Thanks for the suggestion.


                      In our case we need something different.  One section of our Tiki-based intranet system allows the users to go to web pages related to certain topics like Maintenance, HR, Sales, etc. The pages present various kinds (including pictures) of information to the user.  Most of the pages link to some controlled documents in our DMS.  Other links take the user to a specific FAQ in our FileMaker FAQ database.  We have many other databases to which we will probably want to eventually link.  In each case the user rarely owns the document (or FAQ, ...) and just needs quick access to the information with no login.


                      I recognize that one solution is to have WebDirect present the topical pages directly in which case it would have no problem following the links. This could even lead us down the path of having FileMaker replace our Tiki system which would be a major task to take on all at once.  It does seem like the HTML page formatting flexibility would be difficult to match in FileMaker. Tiki has many other features we can easily provide our users without having to build them in FileMaker.


                      So, the capability of passing a parameter to WebDirect would help us transition down that path of growing our FileMaker system and gradually replacing Tiki functionality using WebDirect.  Without the parameter, it seems that a WebDirect interface would have to be a complete cutover - the two would not play nicely together (at least from what I know now).