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FileMaker Pro can't share files with FIleMaker Go unless machine is in safe mode

Question asked by fisccher99 on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by fisccher99

I am running FMP 13 on a macbook pro running 10.9.3 and latest version of FM Go on my iPhone.


When i share a solution in FMP, my FMGo client can't see the host or and shared files. Now, when i boot my mac in safe mode, sharing works flawlessly.


I have verified when booted normally, that file sharing is off (letting FMP do the work), firewall is off and accepting all connections, port scan indicates that port 5003 is open locally.


This is a LAN solution only, not going outside over the internet at all.


My mac is new, with very little non-apple apps. I have installed chrome, ms office, and a citrix remote client, but none are running when i boot normally so they "shouldn't" be getting in the way of FMP or port 5003.


Anyone run into this before? Any help would be appreciated.