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    Basic Lookup, single table.


      When I have one table and 4 fields including Part Number and Description. When I type in a new part number that just happens to be entered before can lookup find the description and enter it to the field "Description" that was already associated with this part for a different record?


      What is the better methot to do it in a flat DB?





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          Tom -


          Yes, you can do this. What you'll need to do is create a second table occurrence (TO) on your Relationships Graph that points back to the same table in the database. Once you do that, define a relationship between the two based on the Part Number. (This is called a "self-join" or a "self-joining relationship".)


          This is the relationship you'll use for your lookup. In your Manage Database dialog, choose the Description field and, under Options, choose the Auto-Enter tab, then Lookup.






          P.S. As an aside, you might want to look into normalizing your database so each part number has a single record in a Part table to avoid doing lookups on things like Description. One of the basic rules of databases is that you shouldn't record the same information multiple times or in multiple places.

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            Thanks so much... it's embarrassing simple, but drove me crazy not being able to do that.

            Now I'm anxious because I left the file on the work computer so you will get my extra thanks tomorrow.