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2 fields needed (other than ID) to allow users to identify unique pop up items-How to do?

Question asked by ribeye on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by ribeye

I'm working on my first DB solution and ran into an item that I do not understand how to resolve. I am very novice and am simultaneously working though the advanced tutorial.


I am trying to provide a method for users to assign a Job Ad to an Application received from a Candidate. From a user's perspective, a unique Job Ad can only be identified by a combination of 2 fields (start_date and Posting_Location). My hope is to allow users to use a single pop up menu to select from the historical list of job ads (displayed showing those 2 fields) and then after it is selected, it would be displayed on the layout showing those same 2 fields within the single field.


In FM if I use the Ad's ID in a field value list, it only allows me one other field to display for the user which is not adequate for them to know which item to choose, and it also eliminates some duplicates that need to be shown.


I attempted creating a calculation field titled c_Ad_Particulars, set to display as text to combine the 2 fields into one, but recieved an error showing it needs to be an idexed field. I found a posting about assigning the calculation a global storage, but am still unable to get it to work.


The only other option I could think of was to use a portal and allow a user to select one of the records to populate the field and assign the ID. I'm not clear how to do this either, and would prefer the pop-up or a drop down menu if possible.


I've attached the ERD, and the calculation for c_Ad_Particulars is: Start_Date & ads_Location::Posting_Location


I would appreciate any instructions on how to achieve one of the solutions above or other possible ways to achieve the same effect. Thank you!