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    FMS12.0v5 fmserverd crash


      Is anyone able to shed any light on why the server crashed by looking at these logs?


      Same day, first time was just after the files were opened, the second later in the same day while users were active.


      OSX 10.7.5 on an i7 MacMini with 4GB, booting from Pegasus RAID.


      Been running fine since rebooting after second crash with no changes.


      Thank you



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          The error is:



          From what I normally hear, this is caused by a program trying to access a file or process that it has already released.



          Crashed Thread:  5


          so thread 5 crashed, which is:

          Thread 5 Crashed:

          0   com.filemaker.SchedulesMgr.framework0x0000000100375d44 std::basic_string<unsigned short, std::char_traits<unsigned short>, std::allocator<unsigned short> >::assign(std::basic_string<unsigned short, std::char_traits<unsigned short>, std::allocator<unsigned short> > const&) + 260

          1   com.filemaker.dbengine.framework0x0000000100773211 Draco::HostInfo::DecodeTXTRecord(char const*, unsigned int) + 2017

          2   com.filemaker.dbengine.framework0x000000010078e325 Draco::RResolver::MyHandleResolverReply(__CFNetService*, CFStreamError*, void*) + 1733

          3   com.apple.CFNetwork          0x00007fff8e5b27e1 _ZL19_ShortTimerCallBackP16__CFRunLoopTimerPv + 88

          4   com.apple.CoreFoundation     0x00007fff8e0d6934 __CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_TIMER_CALLBACK_FUNCTION__ + 20

          5   com.apple.CoreFoundation     0x00007fff8e0d6486 __CFRunLoopDoTimer + 534

          6   com.apple.CoreFoundation     0x00007fff8e0b6e11 __CFRunLoopRun + 1617

          7   com.apple.CoreFoundation     0x00007fff8e0b6486 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 230

          8   com.apple.CoreFoundation     0x00007fff8e0c619f CFRunLoopRun + 95

          9   com.filemaker.support.framework0x00000001016f8016 Draco::RunLoopThread::Main() + 102

          10  com.filemaker.support.framework0x00000001016f94eb Draco::Thread::RunThread() + 43

          11  com.filemaker.support.framework0x00000001016fa7f9 Draco::Thread::ThreadUnixProc(void*) + 57

          12  libsystem_c.dylib            0x00007fff82cc08bf _pthread_start + 335

          13  libsystem_c.dylib            0x00007fff82cc3b75 thread_start + 13

          So if you look at this stack trace, row 9 is where things would start to go wrong as it's calling out from there.


          Unfortunately, this crash, if re-curring, would only be resolvable from filemaker itself. 


          I would submit this to filemaker, and if it's recurring, you might want to try reinstalling FMS if a file or function in FMS itself is corrupted.




          OSX 10.7.5 on an i7 MacMini with 4GB, booting from Pegasus RAID.


          Read the technical requirements for filemaker server 13. OSX 10.8.5 should be used as a minimum. 8gb is recommended as well. This may be causing your issues as well.


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            The other variable that you may want to exclude is the Pegasus RAID.  If the server becomes stable when using the internal I/O then the issue may be with the Pegasus.

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              Thanks Mike,


              Will keep an eye on it and if it recurrs involve FileMaker.

              Also note it is FMS12 not 13



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                Thanks WIm,


                If it rucurrs will try that