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    Theme considerations




      Are there any limitations to creating a custom theme from the classic theme?


      I'm creating a master theme to be used for future iOS projects and want to make sure I don't start down a wrong path. Basically, are there any issues with iOS, WebDirect or really anything when a custom theme is built using the classic theme as a starting point?



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          Hi Hudi


          My first attempt to build a new database using FileMaker Pro 13 Themes and Styles has gone pear-shaped. The first demo with the client, they requested a new colour (color) palette and I confidentally replied that it would take minutes to update the 77 layouts in the solution. Unfortunately the formatting of the layout objects across the 77 layouts is not updating consistently. Please read post below for more information:



          Two suggestions:

          (1) frequently and consistently test that the styles in your modified theme update across the various layouts as expected.

          (2) regarding future projects, a reply to my post referenced a web page explaining a technique to REPLACE existing themes upon Import as the only method to ensure themes/styles work across multiple projects.


          Hope your custom theme works as expected and anticipated.

          Bye for now.



          Michael Richards

          Brisbane (Australia)