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    Export to PDF


      I have a job that creates invoices for the entire month for a company and makes them into a PDF for archiving off site. I developed this and run it on a Mac remotely over the internet and it takes me about 20 minutes to run on an old Mac Pro 10.8.5 with FMPA 13. I then go over to the client on on their LAN with a wired gigabi ethernet on a Dell with Windows 7 and 4 Gigs of RAM, run the same report and it takes 5 to 7 times as long to run. I had told the client if it only took me 20 minutes to run it remotely, that it would obviously run faster on the local area network. Obviously I was wrong. I guess I had not realized that Save As PDF was so much slower on a Windows OS. Is this the common experience across all Windows machines or should I be looking more closely at this specific machine as to why it is going so slow?I t

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          this is a perfect case for not using the FMP print engine at all - its really not up to snuff, but create them from scratch with iText and ScriptMaster (also possible with MBS i believe but nowhere near as flexible)


          I can demo PDF creation at under 100ms each, times that by how many and see if the time saving is worh some programming effort...

          unconf planned for Devcon...



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            That seems very weird Taylor.


            Two thoughts:


            1. I'd go to the layout in question and manually save the records as a PDF, does it behave slowly there as well?
            2. Are there lots of summaries and calculations going on (fairly complex report, or at least a lot of data processed?)
              1. Is it possible you had the file open and working for awhile on your Mac and had established a fairly complete temporary file allowing the Mac to process the data without having to move much data over the wire, yet when you get on site and run the report for the first time all that data comes over right then, making the report seem much slower?


            If #1 above generates quickly, then I'd probably want to watch it in debugger from the window machine and see what is slow, or if it is just the rendering of the screen, then I'd look to the network and make sure things are flowing smoothly there.

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              Chad:  These are just invoices and the biggest calculation is price extension and summary of that field.  Very simple math.  I can't tell by saving one PDF if its an issue or not because it seems to happen in the same amount of time I'd print the page on an individual basis.  I don't notice a difference one at a time.  This company typically has 1000 invoices a month and that is why the time difference becomes an issue. 


              John:  Which Devcon presentation?  I'll certainly be there!

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                Count me in as interested in this as well. This will be my first DevCon.

                Where does one find out out about the "unconference" things going on?




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                  Previous years there's some kind of board near reception with times....

                  Just trying to figure a time that doesnt clash too badly for me and a few others.

                  Will make as much noise as I am able when there is a plan...


                  Recenlty presented on this stuff at CQDF in Montreal and dotfmp in Berlin so lots to show... Create PDF on server from Go/WebD, create PDF with fonts that are not installed on any machine and withotu touching the hard drive as as file, get from FMP layouts to the bits to do it from scratch with code, oh and creating PDF in the webviewer with Javascript if that whets your appetite...