ghost records and corruption

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jun 25, 2014
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Hello everone,


I have a client who has experienced some corruptions in the past, resulting in records appearing with nothing but question marks. Records that just won't delete.


I have previously been through MANY steps to imporove/remove and repair the issue and for short periods of time, it settles down.


A few months ago, they upgraded to Server 13 and all the workstations are also upgraded.


Now since then, the problem seems to have reared it's ugly head again, this time, with "blank" records- no values in ANY of the fields at all. If you search for a particular record ID, it will show in the found records results, but there is just nothing in the record.


I've been considering building a new table in a new file with the same fields, import the data into it and use the data-separation method to change the current file to use the new table... but FileMaker have indicated previously that they don't recommend data separation...


The last time I spoke to FileMaker tech support the suggestion was to "re-build" the solution, as in start from scratch and create new file, new tables, new fields, new layouts etc, which is just an insane suggestion.


Now, there are iOS devices connected via WAN, as well as desktops and it would seem that the records that are dissapearing are ones entered on the iOS device.


Also, I have an on timer script that activates on iOS on the main data entry layout that commits the record after a few minutes, which works ok...


What I realy want to know is are there any other tools/utilities that may help clean up and fix this problem. I've done the usual things, compressing the file, recovering the file, even exporting the data and re-importing after doing the save as clone, compressing the clone etc... problem seems to come back after a period of time.


Any suggestions on how to fix this without re-building the whole thing?