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FM GO 13 Insert Picture

Question asked by KevinMortimer on Jun 26, 2014

On GO when I click into a global container field i get the menu as expected but i am unable to select any of the options, they are greyed out and when using the go to Container field then insert picture script step i get no menu but a "files on iPod" window saying there are no available files.


The container field is called photo and is a global and resides in a table called Globals and i am using it like a dropwell. I have placed this GLOBALS::photo on my contacts screen (sitting on a contacts table). There are no relationships to the table occurenece called GLOBALS but this should not matter as the photo field is a global. This setup when on FM GO when i click into the GLOBALS::photo field the menu shows but all options are greyed out.


Now when i create a relationship using a cartesean join to the Globals table using an occurence called GLOBALS2 and i now use the GLOBALS2::photo field using this relationship the container menu on GO displays correctly.............................but the menu still does not display using the script step insert picture.


The globals table has a found set of one record, the field is editable, i am logged in with full access, i am using the standard menu set, what would cause this?