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How to display data from another record within a related record

Question asked by laser on Jun 26, 2014
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I'm still new to Filemaker and have run into an issue I am hoping I can get help with.


Here are the details:


I have a single table with 100 records that I imported.


Each of the records is identified by a unique alpha-numeric code (X1, X2, X3 etc.).


Each record also contains the following data (fields): name, height, weight and the number of vegetables eaten on a specific date.


So for each record, I have one layout that displays all the above data including the unique code (X1, X2, X3 etc).


Here is where I am running into problems.


Some of the individual records are related. Specifically, there are children and parents within my 100 records.


I am now trying to find a simple way to add specific details about a parent in the single layout that is already displaying all the child's data,


As I build this database, I want to be able to manually put in the code number for the parent in the layout displaying the child's data and then have Filemaker report back the parents's name, height and weight within the child's layout.


If there is a "best practices" way of doing this or simply a way that works, I'd be interested in learning both.


Thank you very much. And I hope this is clear.


I look forward to your input.