Screen scraping for, icloud Mail and Google Mail

Discussion created by intex on Jun 27, 2014
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Hi at all,


we are trying to scrape the content of emails from, iCloud Mail and Google Mail to get these on demand into our CRM database.


With outlook we are able to get the mails content, since uses distinct URLs for every mail and there is a source code view for each mail. Problem here is, that it gets difficult to read all the encoding types. Printed-quotable and UTF 8 are relatively easy, BASE64 gets more difficult. Don´t know how many there are.


iCloud doesn´t use any distinct URL, only #mail and if you try to get the content via InsertFromURL or Webviewer you get lots of code, but not the actual mail text - any ideas ?


In reading the source code of the normal view doesn´t give you the mail text either - where the heck is it ?


Copying the whole webviewer content with goto object "webviewer" and Edit/Copy doesn´t work on Windows.


We didn´t try with Google Mail yet - is it easier there?


Has anybody any idea how we could grab the mails? Has anybody done this? Does anybody know where to find the mail´s textual content ?