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    Filemaker API


      I want to connect Filemaker with iformbuilder server. Iformbuilder send record when its get it and if its sends then that record has to be imported into filemaker. But How Filemaker will know that records are available for import or not ??? I dont want to use schedule script. Without Scedule script is this things possible ?

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          I see that they have a developer API but you have to sign up to get it (which I did not do).  That API will tell you what can be done on the iFormBuilder side.  FMS supports all normal standards (xDBC, XML,...) for connectivity so I would expect that it can be done.


          You basically have to choices:

          - iFormBuilder pushes to FMS


          - FMS pulls from iFormBuilder (this would be a FMS server-side schedule that checks for new records every x minutes)

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            If Somehow I get the record from iFormBuilder(if records is submited on iformbuilder's server).If get it then want to notify FMS that call script to import it.But without running schedule script

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              In your explanation here you are mixing push and pull, I think that's unnecessarily complex.


              You want iFormBulder to notify FMS (=push)

              But you want FMS to import the data (=pull)


              It would be more efficient if iFormBuilder pushes the data straight into FMS.  Whether it can do it or not: the answer is in the iFormBuilder API.