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stand alone converter : mac script for multiple file conversion

Question asked by glennsingleton on Jun 27, 2014
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I would like to convert a folder full of .fp7 files to .fmp12 and have downloaded the Stand Alone Converter and it works as documented on single files.


Having 50+ files I would like to do them atomatically from an OSX script (not my strong point).


This is what I tried without success


1. Copy all files for Converter to same folder as my files

2. To get the file list in a file


ls -1 > --- this works great


3. edit the file, remove anything I dont want converted and add "./ " before each filename


4. from the command prompt

sudo ./ --- without the sudo I get permission denied


This gives me the error

sudo: ./ command not found



Can anyone help me with this please ?



Glenn Singleton


Nabiac NSW Australia