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    Selecting Object in a stack


      Is there a tip, or a trick to selecting specific items that have been stacked? example say i have a layout that has 3 objects that are the same size shape etc, just configured to be hidden under different situations, but say i need to modify the center or bottom object, is there a way to toggle the selection to not choose the top most object?


      Just wondering, it's a pain having to move and then reposition the upper layers to get to the middle etc.

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          Hi Tony,

          That's a common practice.  The only way I have found other than moving them apart is to use the Tab key to move between objects on the layout.  The only problem is that since they are stacked on top of each other, you may not be able to tell which is selected.  And once selected, it doesn't take much to accidentally select one of the others.  I find it the safest to just move them apart.

          Cheers, Mark

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            Thanks Mark,

            I was thinking that would be the answer, but figured i'd ask anyway.

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              Hi Tony,


              You can use Arrange.  Select the top object then Arrange > Send To Back, repeat until the one you want is on top.  You can adjust their order very quickly this way.  When done modifying the object, Arrange > Send to Back again and they will again be in the same order.

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                +1. there are keyboard shortcuts to do the moving. you have to click the top of the stack, however, to select.

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                  great thanks ill give those options a shot. basically though re-arranging top to bottom has also been an issue, only because i have a few layouts that do at least 4 different order type entrys, be it tangable product, just a misc item etc. and each different entry merthod has it's own set of needed fields (Hidden when not needed). so moving them all around to get to the middle bottom, etc just sometimes now seems lengthy. also because now I am using syncing so i need mobile and hosted versions of the layouts so one change becomes up to 4 if it's an add type layout enhancement, or a edit type, teo of each hosted and mobile.

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                    When I have several objects to stack, such as to display different fields for different Types, I use slide control.  Object name each panel the Type.  Then OnRecordLoad, Go To Object [ Type ] - or whatever your criteria to display the fields or buttons.  In this way, you can easily select the various fields for modification. You can then attach a Hide to the slide panel control with something like:


                    IsEmpty ( Type )


                    ... when it doesn't apply at all.  With 13, we have so many more options.  But I know what you mean about many stacked objects.  By using tab panels or slide controls, it can help keep the layers separate.

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                      OMG that's brilliant, I am using slides but not in that type of application. Wow ok now i know what to do going forward, Thanks a ton...

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                        That is just a generic example.  In this example, you would need to trigger if you change the Type value also. 

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                          Yes understood.

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                            Something I've done in the past is, if I have, say 3 items stacked is to put a text number off the edge of the layout at the same vertical position as the field. I group "1" with the first layer items, "2" with the second, etc. each of the numbers are beside each other. I click on whichever number I need and slide it up or down to edit and then use align to move it back.

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                              another good idea, Thanks...

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                                Just chipping in on this one, something I think would be really handy would be if you could apply a hide condition to each panel of a slide control, instead of to the whole object. I get around this limitation by creating a set of separate single panel slide controls and stacking them, but it is more awkward to subsequently edit the layout, so you have to pull them apart of use arrange > send to back, as described above.

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                                  In a similar vein..  I will use the Inspector if there's a lot of crowding or complexity, and I need to move objects out of the way into "clear air"…


                                  I click the topmost object and if its "Left" position is say 678 px I will stick a 1 in front to make it 1678.  Do the same for all objects in the stack until the one you want is revealed.


                                  Putting things back is simply the reverse…  Click each object and remove the 1 from its left location, so that 1678 reverts back to 678.  Each object returns to its original location and stacking order is maintained.


                                  ie.  The basic principle is to offset each object by an easily remembered figure.  The use of a prefix of 1 is a simple example and works for many objects whose location is in the hundreds.  Beyond that it's a matter of picking an appropriate number, say 500, and adding or subtracting to give you a temporary offset.


                                  If working into and out of a Tab Panel, more care is obviously needed because stacking order will be reversed if objects are returned "one by one".  To avoid this I will group the objects, and then return them as a group.

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                                    And yet another fantastic suggestion, wonderful, Thanks gang

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