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    Regarding previewing layout


      Dear Sir,

      I am getting problem in preview mode while go for print of selected layout.s I select the record from contact list and go for print ,record shows as per selection in browser mode but in preview mode its showing the very first record of the contact list layout field. Another if we sort the record in quick find of any required record and if there are five records of the same name but of other different values than also its preview the first record of the same record name of sort set. Here is small rar for the same.


      Specially I work in envelope layout and get this error.




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          You are not getting much traction with your questions here.  For me it is because:

          - you are not explaining how you do things, just what is not working.  That makes it hard to offer advice on what you could change

          - posting a file is useful but not at the expense of forgoing the explanation.  I do not have the time to download file and go through it just to understand how you are doing things


          You will find that by writing up how you do things, you probably will get closer to a solution already...

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            I suspect what you are doing is trying to print a single record when you have more than just that record in your found set. In that setup, if you switch to preview mode then, yes, FM will switch to the first record in the found set, even if your print instruction is set to print only the current record. It is a little disconcerting, although the correct record will be printed. I find that the simplest way to deal with this is, when you want to print a single record, make sure it is the only record found, which you can script easily enough.

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              What you are noticing is the normal way that FileMaker "Previews" a set of multiple  records in a found set. That is to say: If you have 100 records in the current found set _ all those records will be previewed (in whatever order they happen to be) from first to last.

              If your goal is to preview just a single record, then you will want to isolate that record in a found set of one. There are dozens of methods to accomplish that. The best one for your particular desire ... will involve some scripting. Your choice will likely be based on what you want to have  happen after you have looked at it in preview.  It might be to open that specific record in a new window in Preview Mode.


              If you conclude the above to be the case, you can find some sample scripts in the template files that come with FileMaker. If after trying some and still need to ask the forum, be sure to mention which version of FileMaker you are using as there are different approaches available based on version.