Need Window Task Scheduler help

Discussion created by Oliver_Reid on Jun 29, 2014
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As FMS will not save to pdf, I need to use a client copy of FMP to print some daily reportsto pdfs daily


Windows 2012 R2 SE



I have it all working but the task scheduler "trigger" fails with Error Value: 2147942593 which means (I think) that that "Action" was not specifed properly


I simply enetered the path to the FM file: E:Local_FM_Files eports.fmp12


But I believe it needs to be an .exe file with an argument.



If anyone can help here would be grateful: I could simply perhap scedudle an OS level script using the FMS console but am not sure how to set that up.


Aslo the FMS 13 admin interface for ths looks weird -- not much space to add the script info?

Untitled 21.png



I had the same scheme working on OSX just fine, but the client is moving to Windows.