Webdirect and IE11 - UI Pauses until mouse movement

Discussion created by dreed on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by dreed

This seems to happen on any layout, regardless of theme. Bascially, there is something holding up processing of the user actions until another user action is executed. There are a couple of ways to test this


Set up a form view with a few fields.

1. Click into a field and then tab to the next field. Sometimes it will go, but sometimes it will do nothing until you hit tab again, at which point it jumps two fields, processing both tab presses at once


2. Click into a field but don't move the mouse. The field will not become active until you move the mouse


There are other actions like this which seem to hold up UI update until after additional mouse/keyboard interaction, but these two are the most obvious. Can anyone reproduce this? It does not happen with Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE10, only on IE11. I am running FMS13.02 on a windows7 Pro box, with only myself and one other developer testing Webdirect on it, so load isn't an issue.







P.S. Sorry if some have also read this at fmforums. Not sure which of these is a more active community at this point.