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    Webdirect and IE11 - UI Pauses until mouse movement


      This seems to happen on any layout, regardless of theme. Bascially, there is something holding up processing of the user actions until another user action is executed. There are a couple of ways to test this


      Set up a form view with a few fields.

      1. Click into a field and then tab to the next field. Sometimes it will go, but sometimes it will do nothing until you hit tab again, at which point it jumps two fields, processing both tab presses at once


      2. Click into a field but don't move the mouse. The field will not become active until you move the mouse


      There are other actions like this which seem to hold up UI update until after additional mouse/keyboard interaction, but these two are the most obvious. Can anyone reproduce this? It does not happen with Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE10, only on IE11. I am running FMS13.02 on a windows7 Pro box, with only myself and one other developer testing Webdirect on it, so load isn't an issue.







      P.S. Sorry if some have also read this at fmforums. Not sure which of these is a more active community at this point.

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          Make sure you have the latest FMS update, because the tab issue sounds like something we saw before the update. Hopefully things will get better with updates to IE11 and/or WebDirect.

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            Yep, I have installed the latest 13.02 update on FMS, and also the latest update to IE11.  Had a couple other people at work with IE11 verify this behavior, which seems to happen not only on my application, but on any new empty file I host up and put up a layout for, regardless of layout theme or style.  Honestly hadn't done too much with webdirect prior to this FMS update because priot to this, there was way too much of the spinning "wait" wheel on multiple browsers.  It's definitely better now, and with browsers other than IE it works pretty well.  Unfortunately, I don't want to have to instruct users here to install another browser to avoid bugs like this, and IE is the "corporate standard".



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              I've seen, and continue to, the tabbing behavior in IE11. I can't seem to reproduce the mouse movement issue however. Does this happen for you on all fields, or is there something more particular I can try?



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                There are a few places I've noticed it.  To test, I made a new DB from a blank file in fmpa 13v3.  It has 4 fields in a single table.  FirstName, LastName, Email, UserUID (the last field is autoenter by calc Get(UUID)


                On the initial layout I made with a simple form, I don't see the mouse movement issue, but I do see the tabbing issue. But if I make another layout with a list view and a popover to allow editing of the details as in the screenshot


                In this example, the focus is on the firstname field, then I click in the lastname field.  The cursor moves to that field immediately, but the focus stays on the first unless the mouse position moves after clicking.  Worse than this is if the user manages to click without moving the mouse, and then starts typing before the focus has changed.  The first keystroke shows up, but the character may then disappear after the focus moves to the field, only to reappear again when focus moves to another field.  This part is inconsistent and flaky, but the requirement for mouse movement or some other user input to move focus to the next field on a popover with IE11 seems consistently reproducible on several machines I've tested.


                A couple other places where IE11 doesn't process a click until another mouse movement or user input:


                1. On the home page, if I click on a database without moving the mouse, the auth dialog won't appear until the mouse moves

                2. With the toolbar showing, selecting another layout by mouse click doesn't show the layout selected until the mouse moves


                Let me know if you can reproduce this behavior on a simple example DB with a popover button on IE11





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                  Definitely able to reproduce all three occurences. On a layout with a pop over in list view, I find a solution pretty much unusable in IE11. It works fine with other browsers I've tried. But with IE11, not only is there the issue you mentioned, but every action seems incredibly slow to respond. Opening the pop over, selecting a new record, leaving the layout. Is this the case for you as well, or only the problem you mentioned?

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                    Yes, I agree that IE11 has overall poor performance with webdirect.  Chrome and Firefox both seem to work well on Win7 machines I've tested here.  No Macs at work, but I have tested Safari over a relatively slow WAN connection via VPN from my home laptop, and that seems to perform well even with a slow connection.  The IE issues may pretty much be a dealbreaker for getting anyone here to adopt a webdirect solution. 

                    I guess I could always get people to install Chrome, but that makes me want a FMP Lite product that has the capabilities of FMGo and is free (whilst using the concurrent connections of FMS) but has the FMP UI on Win and Mac.  Basically a networked runtime.  That would certainly avoid cross-browser issues like this.