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    Unable to launch application


      I am getting this again.


      In the past, I was able to resolve by stopping/ starting adminserver, update JAVA, and use the latest JNLP, but not this time.


      On the Mac OS server, version 10.8.5, running FMSA 12, current Java is 7 update 60. Below are some screens which I believe many will know


      First launch admin-console-webstart.jnlp (at my macbook)

      Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.10.25.png

      Click run at the next prompt

      Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.12.10.png

      Ended in error


      Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.57.22.png


      While reading the forum for solution, it was suggested to enter the host IP address as an exception site list under Javan control panel


      Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.25.00.png


      Is this the only solution / "workaround" to it?




      I forget to mention that there was an error trying to install the Java update. There is no clue what this error is. Despite this failure, the Java control panel still show the latest version is installed.


      Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.32.37.png

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          It won't be much help, James, but I've been having similar issues with the Admin Console and FMS12 and Java updates for the past 6-9 months.


          I just gave up on trying to manage with the Admin Console and use command line interface (Terminal on Mac) instead on the FMS12 server. It's not as friendly - no nice interface to what the Server is doing - but it does work. Terminal commands can be found in the FMS12 Help file - page 166 is a good starting point.


          Best regards,



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            Hello James,


            You might take a look at:




            Version 12.0v5 of FMS was released specifically to address the Java security exception resulting from a missing manifest attribute in the jar file, i.e. the error implied by two of the helpful screen shots that you have posted.


            I suspect that you are running a version of FMS prior to 12.0v5.



            In theory:


              Upgrading to 12.0v5 should stop the problem you describe from occurring without need for the workaround of creating a security exception entry for the admin console app.



            In practice:


              I can not vouch for the 12.0v5, as I have not used it.


              At the time that I would have upgraded my development environment to 12.0v5 I also switched to using Mavericks, which required installation of a different version of FMS (12.0v6), specific to Mavericks.




            HTH & best regards,



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              Heya James,


              Definitely make sure that you are up to date with the FileMaker 12 v5. This should take care of any launch issue like this with newer versions of Java, Another thing I didn't see and I recommend is turning down the Java security to medium if you haven't already. As always, if it's installed on a dedicated machine then these practices should definitely get you up and running.


              -CS Pigeon

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                Thanks Steve, CS


                Yes, I am running 12.0v1. Follow the guide in chapter 5 of FMS guide, move to v4 then v5. Now without manually enter the IP address in the exception list or lower the bar to medium, I am able to connect to FMSA via the admin console


                Michele, I hope your issue to be resolved soon.